Women’s bank accounts with extra features

The way the males handled man’s hand is changing. That’s because the number of women in higher education and high-income women fits. In women, each family has a much higher share of earnings, investment, and spending. Understanding this, major banks have started individual women savings accounts for women only

Additional discounts are available to customers using Saving Solutions, such as a decrease in interest rates for loans, insurance coverage and shortening of various varieties of bank charges. The details of the five leading bank women’s SB accounts are listed below.

Women’s bank accounts with extra features

1. Federal Bank Mahila Mitra Account

  • 18-year-old ladies can start accounting. You can start an online or offline account.
  • Average monthly balance is Rs. 5,000. The interest rate for 3.5%
  • International Gold Debit Card
  • Free Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, RTGS, NETF, E-Mail Alert, DD facility.
  • 40 Lapse book for six months
  • ATM can be withdrawn by Rs. POS transactions (per day)
  • Overdraft Rs 25,000 through ATM DD free of Rs 50,000 per month
  • 50% discount on outage service charge charges on outage checks.
  • 50 percent reduction in a processing fee of all retail loans.
  • Young Champ ‘accounts for two children

2. HDFC Women Saving Account

  • Minimum Average Monthly Balance Sheet of Rs. Ten thousand in Metro Urban Branches 5,000 in rural semi-urban branches. Interest rates up to four percent.
  • Accidental death cover of Rs. 10 lakh. Accidental hospitalization cover of Rs 1 lakh (Rs.1000 for ten days)
  • discount on AMC in the first year of Demat accounts.
  • Loans on interest rates. Ninety percent of vehicle prices. Two percent discount on the
  • two-wheeler loan and a 50 percent discount on processing fee.
  • ‘Money Maximizer’ auto sweep out the facility for extra interest.
  • A cashback point card for the debit purchase of Rs. 200 per selected section.
  • Net banking, mobile banking and utility bills.
  • Check out the Multisite checkbook 25th of every half year
  • Free e-mail statements
  • Deposit card can be withdrawn at Rs 25,000 per day. The shopping limit is Rs 1.75 lakh.

3. South Indian Bank Mahila Delighting Account

  • 18-year-old ladies can start accounting.
  • Minimum balance of Rs 2500 / – in semi Urban / Rural accounts. The minimum balance is 5,000 / – in Metro and Urban branches.
  • Rupe Platinum Debit Card and unlimited use in South Indian Bank ATMs and other bank ATMs.
  • Locker Rent is 25% discount for the first year.
  • 50% discount on loan processing fees.
  • Demat NPS accounts are free of charge.
  • Chequebook with 50 leaves per year
  • Internet and mobile banking are free.
  • Personal Accident, Insurance, Personal Accident, Deal Coverage, House to House Travel Insurance
  • Cashback facility for shopping and utility bills.

4. ICICI Bank Advantage Women Saving Account.

  • Women who are eighteen years old can start an account Monthly average balance 10,000
  • All banks can use ATMs for free.
  • back up to Rs 750 / month for copies of debit card.
  • Perspective Accident Insurance Coverage
  • 50% discount on first-year locker rent.
  • Interest on home, car and parcel loans.
  • I Protect Smart ‘whip through cover, critical terminal disability coverage/ Deposit excess amount in SB account through Money Money Multiply Facility.
  • Internet, mobile banking, facility, free e-mail statement, multicenter checkbook.
  • Utility bills and nomination facility
  • Daily withdrawal via ATM A daily collection limit of Rs. 50,000 / – per lakh.

5. Indus Ind Bank Indus Day Savings Account

  • Averaging quarterly balance 25,000 / 50,000 Platinum Plus Debit Card
  • Incentives to 25% of the first year for standard locker.
  • Family members can start an account free of charge.
  • Free Internet, Mobile Banking Facility, E-mail Statement.
  • booklets (Unlimited payable at par), Free ATM usage, Demand Draft.
  • Free NEFT and RTG facility
  • Free Monthly statements
  • Anywhere Doorstep banking
  • ATM withdrawal limit of Rs 1.25 lakh per day. Shopping daily Rs.250,000 per day.
  • Indus Rewards-Pont of Sale transactions

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