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Employment & Social Development Department of Canada Offers You to be the Citizen Services Officer/Passport Officer And Earn $51,538+

A career of a citizen service officer allows you to serve the country and help your fellow citizens with your skills. This job gives you a chance to encounter exciting opportunities along with different challenges as you give your services. You have to use your talent and skills in solving problems and gathering information about the documents and applications. Followed by analysing the information precisel. Further, you will be helping the clients to understand the program related legislation and rules and the procedure by which the client receives excellent service.

Now earn $55,000+ by working as a Citizen Service officer

The environment and benefits

ESDC has provided an open workspace where like-minded people can interact and work in collaboration. The benefits that one will get would, of course, be a respected salary. Moreover, it has the inclusion of health facilities, pension, and vacation leave, dental care and many more.

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Salary for this post shall vary from $51,538 to $57643 depending upon your performance.

The qualifying needs and process of selection

You will be selected in a pool of either partially qualified individual who gets a temporary position or as permanent vacant positions. We require you to be eligible to handle various languages. The qualification needed for this post is;

• Secondary school diploma or employer approved alternatives
• A satisfactory score in the PSC test
• Combination of training and education

Completion of 2 years of post-secondary education from a renowned and recognised university is needed. Various language requirements like that of French, English etc. is required. Skills such as oral communication, thinking skills, dependability, client focus and teamwork are appreciated

Note– eligibility for this job is only for the person who is residing in CANADA or any Canadian citizen residing abroad.


Experience is needed involving public speaking and providing information which requires explanation and clarification. Significant experience of 6 months (cumulative or non-cumulative) is preferred.

A candidate with an operational requirement who is willing to work overtime will be preferred.

Last date to apply for Citizen Services Officer/passport officer is 29th March 2020, Pacific Time.

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