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Senior Project Manager- A Chance be the Leader

Senior Project Manager | Government of Saskatchewan Jobs

Basics of the Job

The Ministries of highway and infrastructure is inviting eligible candidate to be the assisting the director of design delivery of the ministry of highway and infrastructure. The government of Saskatchewan is searching for eligible candidates with excellent engineering interpersonal and consultative skills and is willing to provide them with a permanent job as a senior project manager with appreciable salary and future prospects.

Areas of Operation

SK–Regina and Area-Regina SK–Prince Albert and Area-Prince Albert, SK–Saskatoon and Area-Saskatoon

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Job Description

• As a Senior Project Manager, you will be helping the Director in the delivery of the capital and major preservation programs including features such as scheduling, designing resourcing, training and tendering.
• You are expected to analyse the project, the requirements and the time needed to complete the project
• You will be required to keep inspecting and supervising the project so that the work s done efficiently and especially safely.
• You will be acting on behalf of your director at meeting including determining the aspects and provincial interests on long term infrastructure goals.
• As a Senior Project Manager, you will be supervising a team comprised of different Project Managers and Technicians to successfully run the project and quality and meet the proper deadlines.

Qualifications Required

• you must be eligible to register for membership in the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan
• you must have experience in the field of project managing related to designing and structural engineering
• deep of knowledge on subjects such as preservation, operations, design, hydraulics, construction, contract administration, and contract law will be appreciated

A candidate will be preferred who brings creative ideas and have problem solving abilities. The work environment is highly motivated and consists of hard working and positive peoples so candidate is expected to be team player

How to Apply

All the candidates who are familiar with the requirements and consider themselves eligible for the vacancy can fill the application forms online on the official website of the ministry. No offline forms would be entertained.

Salary Expected : $6,689-$8,696 monthly

Number of Openings : 1

Last Date to Apply : Apr 6, 2020

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