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BJP’s Deadly Denial

Mistaking managing headlines for able administration, the BJP has caused India irreparable damage. While it has become the SOP of the BJP government to deny the existence of any problem, the consequences of not acknowledging the pandemic, and the impending economic disaster it brings, risks India’s safety and security severely. …

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BJP Betrays Bharat

The strength of any government lies in how reassured the citizens feel. However, PM Narendra Modi not only got the spelling of strength wrong but he lacks the moral ‘Streanh’ to even comprehend what the basics of a sensitive administration are. While incompetence may be understandable, actively acting to stymie …

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Why Does the BJP Brim with Cowering Cowards?

The hallmark of a cowardly person is bravado. With heavy doses of flexing its waning muscles the BJP’s bravado belies its unmissable cowardice. at a time when the country faces the gravest threat to our territorial integrity, the BJP has retreated into inaction. However, being the ruling party, it cannot …

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Students Speak Up Against the ‘Exam Warriors’

For a man who claims to have written a book called ‘Exam Warriors’ which propagates a stress-free life, Narendra Modi seems completely cut off from the realities of the world. He and his administration cannot escape culpability for heightening the magnitude of the Covid-19 pandemic in India. They not only …

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For the BJP, Power matters over Human Lives

Even as the total cases of Covid-19 in India are a whopping 8,78,254, with the past 24 hours posting the worst figures of 28,701 cases and 500 deaths, the BJP has completely given up on dealing with the worst public health crisis India has had. In fact, a major part …

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Sparse Misses in the Land of Goddesses

Written by Lahari Reddy India is not just India, it’s ‘Mother India’ or ‘Bharat Mata’ for most Indians. Of course, women are considered prime and pristine. Hindu households in India will see montages and minuscule sculptures of Devi’s (goddesses) positioned around the house. Gigantic festivals that worship female gods and their powers. …

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The BJP Has Failed the Battle against Corona

Most people who reckoned that the BJP would respond humanely to the impending public health crisis are appalled by the indifference the ruling party has displayed. For the others it has long been clear that the BJP doesn’t care about people but only to retain power even if it means …

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PM Cares—Pelf in the Pandemic

The fear of public scrutiny of the PM Cares fund, and keeping it out of the purview of the CAG, implied that there was a scandal to be hidden. It indeed appears to be a massive scam. The arrogance of the BJP government is such that it issued a tender …

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Pakoda Problems in the Pandemic

Narendra Modi’s ignorance of elementary economics is one of India’s biggest problems. For the head of government to not know the basics of economics, despite claiming to possess a degree in ‘entire’ political science, could spell doom for any country. No matter how much the leader hides from the press, …

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