Parmanu Movie Review & Storyline

John Abraham’s ‘Parmanu’ is all set to break records in the Box Office. Its an epic Movie which depicts the real story of Pokhran Nuclear Test Conducted in the year 1998 by India under the leadership of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpayee. The Test was carried out by Ashwath Raina, an IAS officer whose role is john Abraham is playing in the Movie.

The Movie starts with John Abraham as a real Civil servant convincing the Prime Minister to Let India conduct its own Nuclear tests & show to USA & Pakistan taht India is too a warhead nation with nuclear capabilities.

Parmanu Movie Review and Storyline

But his idea is disrupted by the Creepy officials & his idea is made a matter of laughter whatsover. Meanwhile, the spy agents of American Agency CIA gets to know about his Plan & warns the Indian Officials to forcestop this idea & never to think of Nuclear Exploisions in the entire history of India. Thus, Ashwath (John Abraham) has to resign from his Position due to his Idea.

Because of the negligence of the officials towards his ideal to test nuclear weapons, he feels depressed and thus Ashwath leaves his Job & leaves for Mussorrie where he starts a new life with his family.

Gradually, the years pass by and the Prime Ministership also Changes in the Country, and then Shukla (Boman Irani) a representative of the Prime Minister calls Ashwath (John Abraham) to come & take his position of an IAS officer back to start the testing of Nuclear powers.

Thus, this is how the Pokhran nuclear test becomes succesful in the reign of Atal Bihari Bajpayee. The operation is conducted in a very appealing manner & a highly top secret mission which can even tackle the Spy Cameras of American Security Agency CIA.

Overall the movie is a positive real depiction of the incident. It has got a rating of 3 from the Hindustan Times & has got a rating of 1.5 from NDTV.

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