Salman Khan’s Trolling of Race-3 Trailer doesn’t end at all

After the Launch of Salman Khan’s Race 3 Teaser Trailer, Several kinds of Trolls kept coming from the Social Media. Everyone started criticizing the Trailer. Also when one of our Research Team Researched about the Trailer, they too found many kinds of defects in the trailer.

First, of All when the Trailer starts, Salman Khan shoots some of his enemies in the film with a gun, now you might be thinking whats wrong in it? Well, when Salman Khan starts shooting his enemies, he holds a bike with his one hand. Now, whats surprising is that he holds that running bike without even holding the Brake. It seems as if the Bike has some automatic functionality to stop at the gesture of its owner, it’s completely ridiculous.

Salman Khan's Trolling of Race-3 Trailer doesn't end at all

Second, in the next scene, Anil Kapoor Lands from a Helicopter and he has a BodyGuard in his Back at the time when he keeps his foot on the ground after the helicopter Lands. But, Surprisingly the Bodyguard suddenly vanishes from the spot as soon as Anil Kapoor starts walking. Whats the Catch?

Third, in the next scene, its the part of Jaqueline Fernandez. In the scene, its shown that¬†Jaqueline kicks a person and the person falls down in a Glass Table, breaking it into pieces. But, whats surprising is that her legs doesn’t even touch the body of the person & he fells down automatically. Isn’t that a bit confusing?

Fourth, In the fourth scene there’s a scene of Daisy Shah where she has tells something “Our Business is Our Business none of your Business” to someone. I mean what kind of Dialogue is this. Has the writer of the film gone out of stories or has starated inventing new lines of words. That seems so awkward.

Fifth, in the next scene Sakib Saleem shoots a car & it flips twice after colliding with an another car.But the reality is that the car flips without even touching the another car. How’s that possible? Is this a Magic Show?

Sixth, in the next scene Daisy & Jaqueline is shown flying after a quarrel. They kind of starts flying without any Wings. I’m sure they are having some kinds of Superwoman abilities. Whoa! Am I wrong!

Seventh, Salman Khan is shown in an action scene passing under a fallen tree while riding his bike & An huge army of Police tries to Chase him with their Jeeps but Unfortunately their Jeeps collides with the fallen tree & they all comes out of the Jeeps. But, here’s the fact the Jeeps doesn’t even touches the fallen tree, so how could it flip around, like as if it collided with the fallen tree. I think Salman has gotten¬† some kind of paranormal Powers. Isn’t it?

Eight, in the last scene Salman is shown To be Shooting two Jeeps coming towards him & he shoots a Hand-Launcher onto the Jeeps & they gets Blown. Now, here’s the word of focus While Salman is Shown with the Launcher in Hand a Rangerover was coming by his way & then suddenly two Jeeps Comes to wars him. Hows that possible? What’s the Catch?

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