Administrative Support

June 2, 2024
$47729 - $70622 / year
Application ends: December 18, 2024
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Job Description

GAC has issued notification for the position of Administrative support for Ottawa and Gatineau location. It is a casual employment i.e. it will be for less than 90 days. The salary will range from $47,729 to $70,622. People residing in Canada, permanent residents abroad and Canadian citizens can apply for it. Moreover, preference will be given to experienced candidates over inexperienced ones.

It is to be noted that you are applying for future needs and not for a specific position.

The job is very specific when it comes to its description. There are various duties which you will need to perform like:

  1. Managing daily work of the manager and preparing minutes of the meetings and various documents.
  2. Preparing forms, data entry and reviewing reports and documents.
  3. Drafting and filing correspondence in an operational environment.
  4. Coordinating various meetings and collating data associated with it.
  5. Preparing reports related to finance, administration, security and case management.

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Experience required:

You must be experienced in:

  1. Contracting Process
  2. Project management
  3. Event management
  4. Providing advice to senior manager.

Skills needed:

  1. Team working abilities
  2. Attention to details
  3. Writing abilities
  4. Basic computing skills
  5. Data entry skill
  6. Ability to think swiftly

Conditions for employment:

You need to pass the secret security clearance and reliability status security clearance.

About Employer:

The employer is one of the best in the industry due to various perks it provides to its employees like:

  1. Barrier-free work environment for all employees.
  2. Inclusive and dynamic workplace
  3. Accomodation and discrimination free environment.
  4. Learning environment.
  5. Collaborative and healthy environment
  6. Constantly encouraging colleagues for better performance.

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How to apply:

For applying, you need to apply Apply Now online and fill in all the necessary information. In fact, you will need to answer the questionnaire asked there. Make sure you put all your details with utmost precision and your details are not false. There is no need to send any email to the employer.

Process of Selection:

After applying successfully, you need to check your mail id regularly for updates. We will send you mail when vacancy will actually rise so that you do not miss the opportunity. We use a top-down approach to shortlist the candidates for further recruitment processes. If you are an outside candidate, you will be required to pay for accomodation as well as travel charges linked with the entire selection process.