Data Collection Clerks

June 2, 2024
$50503 - $54478 / year
Application ends: December 31, 2024
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Job Description

SC has started recruiting for the post of Data Collection Clerks for various locations of Canada. Permanent residents of Canada, Canadians citizens and persons residing in Canada can apply for this post. In fact, veterans and CAF members can also apply for this. The salary ranges from $ 50,503 to $ 54,478.

Statistics Canada Data Collection Clerks Jobs Details:

There are various duties attached to this post. These include:

  1. Supporting collection of survey data that covers a wide range of topics like labour, health, housing, culture and many more.
  2. Producing key information that will provide a solid foundation to various government, business unions and NGOs.
  3. Data collection activities that involve Statistics Canada survey.
  4. Updating the content of mail out files, input various new case files and survey of a lot of data.
  5. Preparing and completing reports that cover various work activities.
  6. Verifying and safeguarding data.
  7. Communicating with a lot of respondents to answer questions and assisting them in surveys.
  8. Handling clerical work like maintaining files and data.

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Educational requirement:

You need to pass at least secondary school education for this post.

Experience required:

  1. You should be expert in dealing with the public either via telephone or in person.
  2. You should have experience in utilisation of various computer software packages.
  3. You should be adept in Microsoft Office suite.
  4. You should have experience in data collection.

Operational requirements:

  1. Willingness to work overtime as well as in multiple shifts.
  2. Willingness to travel anytime.
  3. Driving licence is required.

Language skills:

  1. English essential
  2. French essential
  3. Bilingual imperative(BBB/BBB)


  1. Upholding integrity and respect
  2. Working effectively with others in a team.
  3. Ability to communicate effectively orally as well as in writing.
  4. Attention to details
  5. Ability to work under pressure.

Other conditions:

You need to have reliability status security clearance.

About Employer:

Statistics Canada is a top notch recruiter for various roles in Canada. You will be:

  1. Developing new skills and learning a lot of things while doing this job.
  2. Engaging in meaningful work to help your community.
  3. Working on interesting work assignments.
  4. Continuously learning in a challenging work environment.

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How to apply:

You can apply online by clicking Apply Now. You should apply at your favourite location. We will put your application in inventory. Your application will be active for around 120 days and you will get a notice before 30 days of its expiry. Moreover, you can update your profile in the meantime. After scrutiny of applications, selected ones will be called for further rounds of selection.