Application ends: September 29, 2024
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Job Description

CAS has started out the recruitment process for the post of Registry officer for various locations in Canada. The salary ranges from $72,171 to $77,758. Persons residing in Canada, Canadian citizens and permanent citizens residing abroad can apply for it. Preference will be given to the veterans.

Registry Officer Jobs Details:

The job profile is very dynamic and involves various duties such as:

  1. You will be taking part in the Litigation process and Court Services for judiciary and litigants.
  2. You will provide information and liaison services for judiciary, lawyers, staff, litigants and the general public.
  3. You will be providing procedural advice to the general public and both internal as well as external clients, litigants, lawyers, Federal Boards, Tribunal, interveners, staff, media,etc.
  4. You will be originating various documents submitted to the Courts and prepared by the Courts.
  5. You will be providing various Compliance services, guidance,l and advice on procedural requirements to the general public, clients as well as registry staff.
  6. You will be Coordinating various activities within the court environment.
  7. You will be keeping records of minutes of hearings; and serves as Court Registrar/Court Technician during various sittings of the Courts.

Educational requirement: You must have a secondary school diploma.

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Experience required:

  1. You should have experience working in a legal environment such as a Board, Commission, Tribunal, Court, etc.
  2. You should have experience in providing front line service to both internal and external clients.
  3. You should be experienced in applying acts, regulations or directives.

Language requirements:

  1. Bilingual imperative BBB/BBB, CBB/CBB, CBC/CBC, CCC/CCC
  2. English Essential
  3. English or French essential


  1. You should have an ability to analyze and evaluate things.
  2. You should have an ability to manage deadlines and changing priorities.
  3. You should have the ability to work  with others.
  4. You should have an ability to communicate orally.
  5. You should have an ability to communicate in writing.

Conditions of Employment:

  1. You need to have a Reliability Status security clearance.
  2. You need to have a Top Secret security clearance.
  3. You should be willing to travel using various modes of transportation.

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How to apply:

  1. You can apply online by clicking Apply Now.
  2. You need to attach your resume with a cover letter and both of them should be within 5 pages. Make sure you mention every detail in brief.
  3. You must provide your valid mail id and get in touch with that for further updates.
  4. If you get shortlisted candidates, you will be called for further rounds of the selection process.