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Most Dangerous Countries in the World

Attention to the tourist visitors, according to a recent Travel and Tourism Report released by the World Economic Forum of 20 countries, including Pakistan, the results seems to be the worst. Travel and tourism in 136 countries has been analyzed. The report states that how much these 136 countries are safe for tourists.

Ranking is based on violence and terrorism. They do not cover little crimes in the ranking. Nigeria, Pakistan, El Salvador, Yemen and Colombia are among the most dangerous countries.The reported had been based on safety and these countries are consider as the 20 most dangerous countries.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

In Congo, armed insurgents and robbers are active in many parts of the country.


Yala, Pattani, Naratiwat, and Songgi are located in South Thailand. These are the most dangerous places in all-round the country.

In the last 13 years, more than 6,500 people have been registered as killed in these areas. In these areas effective military law is applicable.


There are no travel advisers in Jamaica right now. Fire fighting and attacks are still active in some parts of the country, including Kingston and Montego. Even the guests who arrived in the resort can also be affected significantly.

South Africa

In order to save many people from high-profile crime in South Africa, are brought by private security officials. Rape and murder often occur in remote towns and migration.


Guatemala’s border with Mexico is the most dangerous place in the country. Persistent ,drugs ,smuggling, human trafficking and the highest murder rate has ben recorded in Latin America and the Caribbean, at the last year. Other common crimes include carjacking, armed robbery and robbery.


The ISIS, al-Qaeda, Boko Haram terrorist organizations are active in Chad. In the past, the attacks of these militant groups have ben targeted not just a civilians and security forces but also they focus on foreigners.


In addition to the threat of terrorist violence, the adverse weather environment also challenges Bangladesh. Tropical cyclones, floods and earthquakes often occur in the country.


Terrorist attacks are also likely to occur in Mali capital of Bamako .And northern as well as the central Mali areas ,hotels and restaurants are often target of these attacks. In November 2015, a number of detainees wre shot dead at the Radason Hotel in Bamako.


Because Lebanon has a prevalent activity of more than one militant group, such as bomb blasts. Protests and small disputes between neighbours and their families are aggravate. And cause massive violence.


A mass shooting took place in Manila Casino last day. Kidnapping is common here. Mostly tourists and foreigners are victims.


The war between Ukraine’s armed forces and Russian-backed armed separatists is common in Ukraine’s south-eastern areas. People r often caught in fight.


Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world. Violence and drug smuggling are common. There is no strong police or military presence. Over 70% of Americans in the country have  killed in the past seven years.


Grenades are common in Kenya, for bombings and firing. The country faces many terrorist attacks.


The ISIS and other extremist groups are a continuous threat to Egypt. The tourist and public venues are prime targets.


The shortage of basic commodities like water, food, medicine and electricity generates a lot of social unrest and crime across Venezuela. Venezuela is the one of the world’s most crime-making country.  Theft, kidnapping and carjacking  carried out in many parts of the country.


These two are active terrorists groups, Boko Haram, Islamic State West Africa are responsible for most of the violence in Nigeria. Usually mosques, schools, restaurants, hotels and tourist destinations  attacked.


Religious conflicts in Pakistan has been the subject of violence for the past many years. Violence against some communities is common across the country. The Pakistani government reduces the freedom of expression. Foreigners  r not allowed to enter.

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