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The CVS Health Corp Plans to Hire Approximately 50,000 People

They could be joined in full-time,part-time and temporary jobs.In fifty thousand people there are drivers who are taken for delivery,store workers and also employees who are for service for customers etc. Rhode Islandbased Chain said that the employees will get bonuses between $150 to $500 . He said it in a statement. CVS and other pharmacies receive so many deals that they can not deal with them all. But they include or hire people to store health items and household items also. CVS spokesman said that as the waved fees of CVS has increased from this month.

It is said by him in an email. Actually the full mission has taken to reduce the speed of spreading corona virus but in these hired people most will be hired from the pharmacy or nursing background. Because of corona virus many people have to face trouble. Lock downs are there in many countries.There is only one word announcing all over the world “stay home save lives”. All people are requested to stay home by prime minister and other ministers.In corona’s effect Italy is in deep trouble.

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Doctors from other countries like Keuba and others come to Italy to save people. People are strictly allowed to not shaking their hands with each other and use sanitizer always to be safe and keep others safe. This virus spreads very fast . The numbers are far bigger. While in second week the number of effected people is five hundred approximately ,in third week it became in thousands like three or four hundreds and in the last week the number became more increased.

So to serve people from this harmful virus crops ,nurses and doctors do their best. Approax 100 or more countries are effected for this virus and the countries are blaming that china has produced this virus in their lab .Not only CVS, other companies will hire also many people like Amazon.com plans to hire approximately one lakh.

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