Narendra Modi played important role in Lok Sabha election victory

Without a steep indefinite dam from the windshield and the sea to capturing the maritime surprise of the sea. The Prime Minister who spent five years selling dreams and giving away his thoughts. The ultimate victory had increased the bjp by chest 56-inch . When the outcome of the spectacular election came in favor of the BJP, Narendra Modi had been seen as the head-lined leader of BJP. Is there any leader in Indian politics who has been give such a respected on this ranks and has been attacked by more rivals? The person who waited in 2014 had fallen in opposition in 2019. Despite many criticisms, Modi’s admiration must be admitted.

Narendra Modi played important role in Lok Sabha election victory

How many times it be that he will seen as the prime minister face of india? Then? He laughs at learning that negative publicity is ultimately publicity one can have. There is a fall, and holiness is the hallmark. Stomp can be found in the dress and white hair and beard. But at last Modi’s personalities were like ambiguity and mystery. A journey from tea maker to the prime minister of India whick seems not easy. It may be that it is the objective and the path he has determined; Or confident? Modi was the center face of the controversy.

The fire will hit the words — all loud.

There is no symptom of the adversary. The ‘crowds person’ is a rare institution that can mobilize the people behind the BJP. I preferred the Indira Gandhi as more powerful, Nehru more diplomatic. But Modi personality is different from else. Nehru was the first prime minister to complete the term without a full-time media consultant. Its footsteps stood firm. And the media help the Narendra modi to be the front face of the new headlines after a massive mob scramble in the country and abroad. It did not even have a single news conference in five years.

In an interview in Balakot, he said,

“My idea is that the radars cannot detect Indian fighter jets flying through the clouds,” he said. Mistakes made of tactics to hide failures? Modi had assumed as the main leader in 2014 on the return of the BJP to the country. The margin of the majority was crossed by the BJP. After that, Modi first stepped into parliament. Now the party is identified by the Narendra Modi’s body language and Amit Shah is the National president of the BJP.

The election to the 17th Lok Sabha was extended to seven days in 7 stages. Time by time again, the main focus was on BJP and Modi. In Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, polling was for two days in Tamil Nadu. He also led the enthusiasm of North India and reached other states. With a Strong stance towards terrorism, stability policy, road development, railways, infrastructure development, lifecycle Bharat, homelessness and utility benefits for all. With the help of Amit Shah’s oil machine, the party system was fueled.

The challenges posed by the rising number of terrorist attacks,

the unemployment, the agrarian crisis, the collapse of the small industry, the refusal of the refusal, the restraint, GST, the petrol and diesel prices, the dictatorship of the regime, the vulnerable minorities and Dalits who are on the strike path. In Time Magazine’s cover story, Narendra Modi commented: “Once again, you should be afraid of how to punish the world for his own failures.” But challenges and criticisms of Modi’s fueled. The ability to make way for lying is the habit and the ability to bless the accusations. The BJP depended on Modi who was the only single leader to stand as the front face of the party . But he was not a single rhetorical campaign. In each state subjects and the mode of presentation has changed. Modi had spoken in Kerala when he came to know that Ishwar name is a false allegation.

It is Modi who has activated Sabarimala and faith in the whole nation.

The allegations were that Kerala backed the ruling coalition rule. When it came to power again, it ws decided to take firm steps for the protection of the faith in people. Leaders of the Opposition with the replies wre rounded up with talk only on what Modi said. An amount of Rs 21 lakh ws allotted to the fund, which ws created for the welfare of the community participants in Kumbha Mela — washed the workers’ feet. Having failed in the Ganga cleanliness, Kumbh Mela made a point of the vote. Ayodhya and Hindutva used the same in UP The UN envoy’s proclamation of terrorist Masood Azhar as a global terrorist during the last three phases was a great success politically. The BJP and Modi came forward to maximize its political advantage. The leaders promoted the continuous efforts of the Modi government in the enormous diplomatic success.

In the last phase, Narendra Modi made the face of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi.

“Mr. Cleaner ws the first person to be the first corrupt man.” The BJP allege that Rajiv was involve in the anti-Sikh riots. He blamed Rajiv for a flight from the aircraft carrier. Modi’s goal was Punjab. The watchman (Mim Bhi Chowkidar) came up with a slogan, which the Congress claim that the watchman was a thief (Chowkidar Chor). Chaukidar added the name of the BJP leaders on Twitter. When submitting nomination papers in Varanasi, security personnel of the constituency Ram Shankar Patel ws signed as a witness. In Uttar Pradesh, the prime ministerial candidate, SP-BSP and the voter turnout, Narendra Modi said he ws born in the backward class. Censor politics is not known to play for votes like the opposition, and 130 crore people in the country said he ws a family member.

The Pakistani counterpart

warned that the pilot would have to face the consequences if the pilot had not returned. Whether he or she is either a terrorist-whether or not the Prime Minister is out of all this, In West Bengal, the violence ws stronger but the actor try to soften the Deedi by revealing that Karnataka Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is presenting kurta and sweets every year. Senior officers issued a letter to the President against the acquisition of military actions by political leaders.

LK Advani and Muraleemanohar Joshi did not give the age limit and made a thin margin within the party. Yashwant Sinha and Shatrughan Sinha are the enemies of Palai. The Modi announced for a satellite test and missile mission to destroy the satellite in space, and Modi’s credibility and reputation of Rs. 75,000 crore to provide Rs. 6,000 in 3 installments to 12 crore farmers in the country.

Narendra Modi has gained popularity through the interaction with celebrities in social media.

He has partnered with fans through his hot tweets. He also give times to get closer to children and young people. Modi had preached in 142 general public. Half a million kilometers. The argument that the defeat is terrifie is that it does not rest. Even with the mourning of Narendra Modi’s democracy, the broad culture is only in the present. Modi won the battle against the wounded opponents. Modi has proven that he is a repeating phenomenon, not a miracle.

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