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The Singapore government has said that 10,000 people will be given government jobs

The whole world faced a huge problem of with Covid-19 , At that time deputy prime minister Heng Swee Keat decided that 10000 people would be employed in the public sector through SGUnited . It was reported by the government on March 26 . The government has said that long-term jobs will be included social education and child education and information communication technology . Also , many short-term jobs are being offered by the government to prevent the epidemic of covid-19 , such as the use of sanitised on trains and the urge to maintain commuter distances.

Singapore’s business foundation trades association and the chamber is working to identify these short-term jobs.WSG also said that they will provide 2200 people to be employed in this year. The government will be benefitted from such an effort and those who are involved in the effort will be benefitted .The first round of this work will begin on 12th April.It is reported by the manpower ministry and WSG.It has been informed by the government follow this web site sgunitedjobs.gov.sg for further details.

This is a wonderful combination for those who are applying there for the first time.The government also said that in this year the graduates and polytechnics will be able to apply.Those who are associated with the government’s projects will be able to increase their recognitions. For the first time this year manpower costing will be shared by WSG.These small and big-name companies are helping to launch this program.

Rail operator SMRT and American technology company Micron Technology, which have a major operation in Singapore, are participating in the project. Those people who will join in this training they will receive an allowance from the government and from the participating organizations. The role of the government and WSG is very much important in this project.

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