10 Learning Success Tricks

There are those who believe that success is destiny. There are also those who believe that success will come with great effort. Mostly, success comes from self-development efforts and discipline in applying effective study habits. Well, here are 10 tips you can use to achieve learning success!

10 Learning Success Tricks

1. Never pile up lessons in one session

Students who are successful in learning usually have shorter and more effective time periods or study schedules. They have never tried learning with the “overnight speeding system.” If you want to be a successful student, then you need to study consistently. You also need to have regular time, although shorter study sessions.

2. Plan study time

Successful students have a specific study schedule. They will complete their study assignments and remain consistent with the schedule they write. Students who learn sporadically and playfully will not be as successful as students who have a study schedule.

3. Learn at the same time

In addition to planning, studying regularly can also have a positive effect on you. When you study at the same time every day, it will become a habit in your life, so that you are mentally and emotionally better prepared to learn and each learning session will be more productive.

4. Learning by having goals

Learning without direction and goals will never be effective. You must know exactly what your goals in learning are. Before learning, determine what targets you must achieve in the session. For example, memorizing 30 Spanish vocabulary words in one study session.

5. Never postpone planned learning time

It’s easy for you to postpone study sessions that have been determined. Moreover, if you are not interested in the lesson. Students who want to succeed must not delay study time. If you delay the schedule, then you will become less effective in receiving subject matter.

6. Start with the most difficult subject first

Look for the most difficult subject and require more effort and energy in completing it. After you complete the task, it will be easier for you to complete the remaining tasks. Believe it or not, starting with the most difficult work will greatly increase the effectiveness of your study sessions and academic achievement.

7. Review your notes

Review your notes in class first. Before you write all the new notes, review the results of your notes thoroughly to ascertain how to complete the task correctly.

8. Make sure there are no distractions in learning

When you are distracted while studying, you will lose and break the concentration of learning. For this reason, before you start studying, find a place where you will not be disturbed.

9. Use effective study groups

Have you ever heard the phrase “Two heads are better than one?”. The statement can be justified in a learning situation. Working in groups allows you to get help from other students when you have difficulty understanding concepts, completing assignments faster, and helping other students and yourself in internalizing the subject matter. However, study groups can be very ineffective if they are not structured.

10. Review your school notes and class materials over the weekend

Students who successfully review what they have done during the week on the weekends, will help them to formulate the next schedule more effectively.

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