7 tips to keep up the excitement of work!

Work is a way for someone to seek income for present and future needs. Every day, everyone who graduates from high school or college is busy for work.

But morale is usually not weak for various reasons and certainly everyone has different reasons. When your spirits begin to fade, try to apply these seven tips so that their spirits rise again and no longer loose.

7 tips to keep up the excitement of work!

1. Make the office feel comfortable

A comfortable work environment is the main thing that helps your work spirit to stay full. Comfortable in the broad sense here, yes. Starting with a clean, neat, orderly office, a good colleague in the discussion and a good boss who understands his subordinates.

Creating an environment like this, of course it should start with itself, yes. Be a person who always deals with cleanliness, be a good ally to exchange ideas, be pleasant, lazy and follow orders from superiors without other positive things.

2. Work should not be considered heavy and be a burden

Well, it is this symptom that is often present in an employee and causes low morale. In fact, the pressure of superiors and deadlines that keep on chasing sometimes make you shrink and lazy to finish it. However, you should not let go of all responsibilities, yes.
When work feels so heavy, try regular rest, do light exercise to relax the body, motivate yourself and remember what your goals are working.

3. Design the work and prioritize the priority

Sometimes the work that gets piled up makes me lazy and lazy before seeing how hard the work is. Well, be a regular person as much as possible, yes. For example, design your tasks and prioritize them. In this way, your work will be completed one by one, and you will not feel heavy with all the fast-growing work.

4. Befriend cheerful and passionate people

Especially when you think the mind is too complicated with work, yes. If you have friends who are always cheerful and full of enthusiasm, they are hypnotizing you to always look positive even in chaotic situations.

5. Instill in yourself, that between you and the company need each other

Well, it is often forgotten. To heal your spirits, try again to think that you have to work to give the best for the company, and the company also needs your best. When you remind yourself about this again, the soul that starts to relax will be healed again.

6. Take advantage of the best possible weekend to make your mind fresh again

When the weekend comes, remove all the workload from your head, yes. Pamper yourself and make your weekend as much as possible so that your mind is refreshed the next day. For example, use it for family trips, hangouts with friends, body treatments and other things.

7. Always look down and don’t forget to be grateful

You have a job that is a blessing from God, so with all your achievements, you should be grateful. The way you are grateful is to always look down, try to reflect back inside that there are still many people who do not have jobs.

As a religious, you must believe their word that by giving thanks you will be joined by them.

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