Called Interview

Answer Quickly and Carefully

An interview call is accepted if you believe the job is suitable for you and can attend the interview at the designated time. You must consider the distance you traveled to the interview place with your place of residence, if you are working then taking time off needs to consider other factors. If you agree with the suggested interview schedule, you can accept it. If the time is not right, you can inform the alternative interview schedule to hrd.

If you choose to decline the interview opportunity, tell HRD along with the reason. You can ask for detailed information such as: name and position of interviewer, clear office address, you can ask for “share location” or modes of transportation that are easy to reach the destination. In many cases, HRD can choose to contact you directly by phone or email.

Reply to the interview invitation email

“Thank you for the invitation” opening sentence of the reply email to be sent to hrd. If they have offered you more than one date and time for an interview, choose the best date and time for you. If no match matches the date or time range you will be available. Ask for all the detailed information that might not be in the invitation.

Called Interview

Respond to interview calls by phone / WhatsApp

Don’t forget to thank hrd for getting an interview. If you are unable to attend, you must request a re-interview request on the date and time of the interview by telephone. If you need time to check your schedule, notify HRD directly or call back as soon as possible.

Propose Alternative Interview Time

If the day and time offered by HRD for our interview do not match, consider rearranging your interview schedule. Tell hrd that you appreciate the invitation of this interview and that you can’t wait to meet, but that you have a conflicting schedule. You can say that you can reset the interview schedule, but you need time to do it and will be informed to HR as soon as possible, or you can suggest an alternative date. Always try to make it easy for hrd because you are looking for work.

HRD will usually follow up with an email confirming the time, telephone number, address and interviewer.

Come to the Interview

Now that we have shared tips for the invitation to the interview invitation, don’t forget to actually appear in the interview. Do not give information that you are willing to come for an interview but do not appear in the interview, this will reduce your value in the eyes of hrd. Not coming to an interview without prior notice is bad ethics and will damage your professional image.

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