Google has cancelled the Android license of Huawei mobile phones

Reports say that Google cancelled the top Chinese company Huawei’s Android license. The US firm Google has decided following the announcement by US President Donald Trump. In addition to hardware and software transmissions, Google has discontinued technical services.

Google has cancelled the Android license of Huawei mobile phones

OS service from google stopping with Google services, including Google Play Store, Play Store, Google Map, YouTube, will soon disappear from the Huawei and Honor phone. One way to overcome this is to update the Android versions through the Android Open Source Project. But when it comes to the Android service, this way you will get limited features. On the other hand, Hawaii’s operating system and technology can be detected to counter the American challenge.

“The current crisis will not significantly affect the company,” said Ren Chinese, chief executive officer and founder of the Chinese telecommunications company Huwai.

The US President and the US Commerce Department held a meeting on May 15 with a tight restriction against the company. The Huwai representative said, the company did not receive chips from the United States, but the company was in a position to deal with the situation.

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