Raghava Lawrence Stepped Back from Directing Laxmi Bomb Starring Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani

Raghava Lawrence has withdrawn from the Hindi remake of ‘Kanchana’, which had won a box office success in the Tamil Box Office. He says that he is retiring from the position of director. Even a third of the film’s release was issued, and Raghava Lawrence said, “All the reasons behind back cannot be revealed now.” This was his explanation through the Twitter account.

Raghavendra Laurence Hindi remake was announced after the success of Kanchana 3. Akshay Kumar is playing the lead role in the movie Lakshmi Bomb, and Kariya LK Advani is the heroine of the film. Lawrence shared a picture with Akshay and Kiyara. Meanwhile, the actress was angry with the crowd. Lakshmi Bomb is the first Bollywood project of Lawrence.

Raghava Lawrence Stepped Back from Directing Laxmi Bomb Starring Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani

Raghava Lawrence’s Note

“There is a Tamil singing that does not mean that you do not go to a house where you do not have respect. Beyond money and fame, there is something called self-esteem in this world. So I decided to withdraw from the Hindi remake of Kanchana Lakshmi. There are many reasons for the decision. So it’s not all here but one of them I will say. ”

“The first look of the film is revealed without informing me. A third person told me about this. It is painful for a director to know something about his first film from someone else. I feel shameful. There is a pain in it. I’m also dissatisfied with the poster design. “- Lawrence said

Lawrence said that he did not retract the script and because it was not professional. “I can withdraw my script because no contracts have been signed so far but I think it’s not up to the standards of professionalism and personally, Akshay respects Kumar Sare. Akshay Kumar will be screening the script directly. Let me introduce a director who wants to replace me. “- Lawrence said.

Kanchenna was a Tamil horror comedy film directed by Raghava Lawrence. Lawrence also played a leading role with Sarath Kumar and Lakshmi Rai. The second part of Kanchana came in theatres in 2015 and the third part last month

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