‘WWE 2K20’ The great universe of wrestling returns

The title is aimed at both the faithful followers of the WWE and the lovers of fighting games

There are many series of sports video games that repeat their main remissions every year and strengthen the solid foundations on which they settle. The same speech applies to the so-called alternative sports, led by the wrestling universe that has been leading ‘ WWE 2K ‘ for years . Fortunately, in recent editions it has not stopped gaining ground in all its facets.

‘WWE 2K20’ The great universe of wrestling returns

Last year, specifically, was marked as a great moment for the brand. The reintroduced Showcase mode, the career mode and a complete series of small updates and additions, pushed us to strongly love the title of Visual Concepts with the confidence of representing the beginning of a renewal in the series, which fortunately is confirmed with this edition. Are you ready for the fight? You will have to prove it in the ring.

New features and simplified controls

This season in ‘WWE 2K20’ we are faced with the current Raw champion, Becky Lynch, and the Superstar Roman Reigns about a delivery that includes unpublished elements in the franchise such as the Women’s Evolution 2K Showcase, a diversified experience for the My CAREER mode and the WWE 2K20 Originals debut, without leaving behind the most popular modes among wrestling lovers.

The amount of content that includes ‘WWE 2K20’ is impressive, so we chose to start our journey with the sports simulator in 2K Central, the first important element of a menu that extols a more effective unification of the recreational offer. After making a first approach to the Showcase mode, we experienced the revolution of The Four Horsewomen and Women’s Evolution, with highly worked documentary vignettes, video scenes and games for objectives that allow us to play unforgettable moments and live the meteoric rise of the division feminine with the testimonies of Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley and the protagonist of the cover Becky Lynch. Here the Superstars have in their own words the journey that the women’s struggle in WWE has taken during the last five years in an interesting live action.

The 2K Showcase also includes 15 playable classic matches that encompass this group’s promotion.

In the list where these historical fights are collected you can find from the NXT TakeOver – Charlotte Flair and Ric Flair against Natalya and Bret Hart, to the WrestleMania 35 – Becky Lynch against Charlotte Flair and against Ronda Rousey.

The set is agile and determined under the protection of a more simplified gameplay , ideal for those who are interested in knowing the format and acquire skills until trying to master their techniques. With the new difficulty curve, novice users quickly become familiar with mechanics, although they will continue to pose a challenge for veterans. As if that were not enough, this year you can compete with a male and a female Superstar in My CARRERA and in the mixed Tag Team matches .

My CARRERA moves the experience to a story with mixed characters

In ‘ WWE 2K20 ‘ the career mode tells the story of Red and Tre, two friends who embark on an adventure together to fulfill their dreams in WWE. The context develops in the near future, when Red and Tre are going to become part of the Hall of Fame and offers about 20 hours of game time, 18 chapters, approximately 100 fights, and more than 40 WWE Superstars, NXT superstars and legends. In addition, for the first time in the franchise you can create a male character, a female character and advance with both in this way as they progress through history, fight and fight at the same time in the new Mixed Tag Matches.

Actually, it is a successful novelty that fits perfectly with the identity of the product.

So much so that the player is called to create not one but two fighters – of the opposite sex – that, united by an indissoluble friendship, they will commit themselves to realize the dream of a lifetime: become WWE legends and enter the mythical Hall of Fame. In fact, the plot of the adventure begins from its conclusion, with Red and Tre preparing to participate in the ceremony in his honor.

From here, the narrative develops between the past and the present, focusing on the key moments of their careers. From the irritating vexations of the perfidious Brooklyn Von Braun, who is timidly outlined as the plot villain, the difficulties of the independent circuit, to the landing on NXT and the RAW stages. Fortunately, there are many moments that encourage WWE fans to reach the end of this epic narrative that far exceeds the previous ones, both in script and in concept. But, in short, the synthesis of career mode has not changed much and continues as fun as interesting. In addition, when creating the characters you can choose from a good number of presets linked to both physical appearance and clothing. In fact, the creation system allows you to customize Superstars, garments,

The return of the towers

One of the elements that received the highest praise was the 2K Torres mode. Well, come back with new challenges, like a tower with a history focused on the career of Roman Reigns, the other image of ” WWE 2K20 “. Although it is based on the same formula, it cannot be denied that it is an excellent way to have fun with the protagonists in very interesting settings. You only need to select a fighter or player that we have created to face different Towers, each with its group of battles, different challenges, conditions and player modifications.

In addition, the game introduces WWE 2K20 Originals , a service that provides a lot of 2K Showcase content to explore beyond what was offered in the initial release through packages, each with a different theme. We are facing the central downloadable content of the delivery and each one will include a 2K Showcase, 2K Towers, playable characters, parts of the creations system, new weapons, arenas and many more elements that will match the theme of the pack. That said, the Universe mode is back, bigger than ever, with higher fighting limits, more spaces for championships and rivalries per show and new videos , 3040 new promo lines and an improved game pace.

A meeting with more than 180 fighters yesterday and today

A gigantic roster of faithfully portrayed fighters with more than 180 playable characters completes the ‘ WWE 2K20 ‘ roster that allows players to compete with legends and fighters from the Hall of Fame such as Bayley, Braun Strowman, Charlotte Flair, Kofi Kingston, Seth Rollins, Adam Cole, Io Shirai, Matt Riddle or Toni Storm; as well as with WWE legends such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, André the Giant or “Rowdy” Roddy Piper that in action are shown under an outstanding technical section.

This time is no different, since it boasts outstanding graphics recreating each of the fighters almost perfectly for each character. At the same time, a good handful of animations have been added that make each key and grab a visual delight. On the other hand, in terms of sound we have songs that go from rap to metal, going through alternative rock.


With ‘ WWE 2K20 ‘ Visual Concepts and Yuke’s continue to chart their own path, offering a title that not only stays in the faithful followers of the WWE, but is also aimed at those users who are interested in the format and fighting video games. The incorporation of the 2K Showcase: The Women’s Evolution starring women, the possibility of competing with male and female Superstars in Mi CARRERA and the 2K Towers; which puts the focus on Reigns’ career, as well as WWE 2K20 Originals; With many more contents than the previous news after the launch, they make the title a real recommendation.

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