5 scientifically proven ways to extend your life

All scientists of the world agree that their years can be extended in the following 5 ways

A long healthy life is the best goal that a person can strive for.But until a medicine has been invented that instantly extends life, one has to make his own efforts for this.But one cannot say that the ways to achieve longevity are complex – they are within the power of every person.

5 scientifically proven ways to extend your life

No smoking

Anyone who really wants to live a long life, first of all, must realize the harm of smoking. People who have never started smoking find it difficult to understand how you can even choose between health and cigarettes. However, part of people is still characterized by this destructive bad habit. Quitting smoking will be a significant contribution to your own health and longevity. After all, cigarettes cause cancer of the lungs, mouth, throat; as well as heart problems such as stroke.

Some smokers allow themselves only one cigarette per day and are confident that the risk of disease is not high. Doctors refute this misconception: even the smallest number of cigarettes smoked will still increase the risk of dying from cancer by a factor of 9 compared to non-smokers. And if you smoke 2-6 cigarettes per day, then the risk becomes 12 times greater. What to say about those who smoke a pack a day.

Specialists from the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) in 2015 summed up a large-scale study that lasted 10 years. Scientists analyzed the health status of a million smokers and saw that everyone showed the negative effects of smoking. Also, immunity was weakened in many, diseases of the kidneys, lungs, gastrointestinal tract and other diseases that had not been associated with smoking before were found.

Do not drink alcohol

Along with smoking, addiction to alcohol is a habit, which significantly reduces a person’s life expectancy. It used to be that 1-2 glasses of good wine or a bottle of beer per day are not harmful. Some experts even talked about the benefits of alcohol. But recent studies have confirmed: alcohol also carries a risk of cancer.

In 2018, scientists combined the results of several experiments to compare the dangers and benefits of alcohol. They found that the minimum benefit is not worth the risks such as cancer, accidents and other incidents arising from intoxication, as well as alcoholism.

And specialists from the University of Cambridge investigated how acetaldehyde, a harmful substance that forms in mammals during the processing of alcohol, affects the DNA of mice. The results of the experiment confirmed that it causes serious genetic damage, namely, it increases the risk of developing 7 types of cancer. Among them are colon and breast cancer.

Healthy food

Healthy nutrition is a prerequisite for longevity. The most useful diet, experts call the Mediterranean. It has an extremely positive effect on the body, which in turn prolongs life. The basis of the Mediterranean diet are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and healthy fats, which are, for example, in fish. The saturation of foods with fiber, healthy fats and proteins determines the benefits of such nutrition.

And the use of sugar, red meat and processed foods is minimized. After all, semi-finished products, sweets, salty and fried foods – all this increases the risk of chronic diseases.

To be active

The benefits of regular physical activity for the whole body are difficult to overestimate. It strengthens muscles, joints, increases endurance of the heart, helps all body systems to be saturated with oxygen. Sport affects the brain: improves mood, memory, concentration. A person becomes more cheerful, energetic, less sick. And all this if physical activity is daily present in his life.

It is proved that even in old age you can affect the quality and life expectancy if you do not sit still and take a short walk or housekeeping daily. And for doctors of all ages, doctors advise at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, or 75 – energetic.

Track weight

From the previous paragraphs, we can conclude that healthy eating and sports are very important. And together they are able to maintain normal body weight. Everyone should know their body mass index (BMI). You can calculate it on a special calculator on the Internet. The indicator should not be below 18.5 and above 24.9 – then the weight is considered healthy.

Increased or reduced weight, in turn, leads to chronic diseases and weaknesses of the body, which reduces life expectancy. For example, with obesity, there is a very high risk of developing diabetes, cancer (11 of its types occur with increased body weight), heart and vascular diseases. According to doctors, in the United States more than 186,000 deaths occur annually due to obesity.

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