12 deaths in Kerala because of Nipah Virus

Infection of Viruses are really dangerous and its more dangerous when its the Nipah Virus. So this is what was the reason which killed more than 12 People in Kerala’s Kozhikode and Malappuram Districts.

A central Medical Team submitted a report to the National Health Ministry on Sunday where it has been found that most Probably Pigs & Bats are the main reason behind the dangerous & killer Nipah Virus. An official of the National Health Ministry justified this statement.

Currently, after Testing 15 samples it has been proved that the death of the 12 people has been caused by a bat which stayed in that place & also currently 3 people are having treatment. However, an awareness has been issued in the other parts of Kerala to stay active & fight with the disease without any fear.

Also as per reports are concerned, till now there is no specific treatment discovered to treat this disease. So the quickest answer to this disease is none other than death. So concern to the death reports which are coming from Kerala’s Kozhikode District, the District Collector has officially Put a stop to Schools, tuition Classes & Public gatherings until 31st of May,2018.

12 deaths in Kerala because of Nipah Virus

So, here’s a question. How would I know if I am suffering from this Virus? well, the answer to this question is really tough. As the symptoms which it causes are Muscle pain, Headaches, Vomiting, Dizziness, Fever etc. So as you can see these are some of the common symptoms which may cause in any Individual whether he is suffering or not suffering from these diseases. Therefore, its hard to say how to identify if someone is suffering from Nipah Virus.

Although, the Government is working very hard to find a permanent solution or cure for this disease. But no such specific Treatment has not been found out yet. Hope the Government tends to find out some kind of a Temporary relief to it if not Permanent as well.

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