Entrepreneurs and producers of the upper valley announce regional brand creation

The Federation of Private Business Entities of Cochabamba (FEPC), the Departmental Council of Competitiveness (CDC) and the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Valle Alto – Región Valles announced the creation of the Region Valles brand.

The objective is to boost the competitiveness of products made in that region; generate technical assistance to incorporate technology and innovation in production processes; position production in national and international markets; improve marketing conditions and promote their consumption in gastronomic and tourist areas.

Entrepreneurs and producers of the upper valley announce regional brand creation

In this regard, the president of the FEPC, Javier Bellott, explained that private entrepreneurs seek to strengthen the productive capacities of the department, articulating different actors such as the CDC and municipalities with an agro-productive vocation.

“One of the great potentials that Cochabamba has is still agriculture, and especially that agriculture that we are going to differentiate from the rest because it is organic agriculture with many conditions of being competitive, in addition to having comparative advantages over the other regions,” he said.

For its part, the general manager of the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Valle Alto – Valles Region, Franolic Huanca, said that the regional brand intends to promote all the products made in its region.

“Our current potential is the fruit theme, especially the peach. Then it will be the papaya, the pacay, the corn of the valley. This brand will be extended in all the products of the region, such as potatoes and apples, ”he explained.

He stressed that the production of chicha and the typical dishes of the 17 municipalities of the Commonwealth will also be incorporated.

Likewise, Huanca announced that later the Commonwealth will generate new alliances with productive associations to strengthen the brand.

“First we are going to generate an institutional marketing strategy for production. For that, we will create a logo essentially to identify the production of our entire region, ”he added.

In turn, the president of the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Valle Alto-Valles Region, David Siles, highlighted the signing of the agreement with the CDC and added that it will add value to the production of his region.

Finally, the president of the CDC, Luis Jiménez, said that an approach was made with the Commonwealth to provide technical assistance since this institution has a strategic plan of regional potentials.

“We believe that we can support the inclusion of technology and innovation issues for production processes, to provide added value, create a difference in this agricultural production and thus consolidate what is the valleys region brand,” Jiménez added.

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