PM Narendra Modi Inaugurates eastern peripheral expressway along with Delhi-Meerut expressways, does a rally thereafter

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi knows how to keep his words & this is how he wins the trust of 125 Cr. Indians. So Today he did a road rally after inaugurating the Eastern Peripheral and Delhi-Meerut Expressways. The Expressways connect major cities like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh & Haryana, it has been made at a whopping budget of Rs 110 billion and an additional Rs 60 billion in land aquisition has been invested which is surely marks as one of the Biggest Expressway Projects in the Country.

PM Narendra Modi Inaugurates eastern peripheral expressway

The Expressway is made of Hi-Tech Technologies which includes an Weigh-in motion sensor which can detect the weight of the Vehicles before they Pass the Expressway, High- Definition (HD) Speed Sensor Cameras which can detect the Speed of the Car in which it is passing through the Expressway. Also many additional Intelligence systems has been installed to Provide a Better Passage of Vehicles without any hassle whatsover.

The Project was planned to be completed within a Maximum Time period of 910 days, but it was completed within 500 days, which really made the common people happier. The People were so happy that they all came linedup in thousands to Cheer for Modi & Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari when they started their Road Rally after completing the inauguration of the Expressway.

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