Samsung Galaxy A80 with a turning camera, and A70 Excellent features

Samsung has introduced two new smartphones – Galaxy A80 and A70. A80 has advanced features but it’s cost is high as well while A 70 is average.

The camera and the display have seen the biggest change in the phone’s construction today. Phone lovers are very curious about the features of new models. In A 80 model Dolby Atmos audio is also tied to the display.

This is the first Samsung model with pop-up camera. This system can have a triple camera set-up (rotate). And the specialty of this camera is that you will use the best camera system to take selfies. Most phone makers provide low-sensor and features but it’s an exception.

Samsung Galaxy A80 with a turning camera, and A70 Excellent features

Camera Features

There are 48 MP + 8 MP cameras in the set-up. The third camera is the 3D sensor. The main camera is f / 2 April. The second camera has 123mm ultra wide angle lens. The third time-of-the-fly, 3D depth sensing camera can also get a matrix with distance and the fluctuations of light. It says that you can capture more accurate portrait photos.

The camera system also has its main focus. The horizontally accelerated camera system performs perfectly. It’s a good way to get to you quickly by popping up. But if the phone is placed on a flat surface, the camera can not turn. It should not be an issue because selfie pickers do not try to do it in such a position. But this phone has essentially a security cover. The camera has different modes to satisfy all types of users. Super Slow-M, photo and video has been given a Live Focus feature for the hyper-lapse. The AR Emoji feature is also supported.


Another attractive feature is the Bezelless display. Samsung, which is the head of the display, calls it a “new infinity display”. The super AMOLED display with a 6.7-inch capacity has full HD resolutions but it does not mean that it is crisp. Samsung can not expect to be low on this. It looks like you can expect a response from this site in every situation. Beyond the look of Notch and having a very thin Bezel brings a better visual experience.

The 3D backdrop made of 3D glasses and metal is reminiscent of the premium phone. It has a design that reflects light. It also shows the build quality. But it seems that the phone is not a bit heavy. The battery is 3,700 mAh. But the superfast charging support is not likely to be a problem. The company also said that intelligent battery performance would be possible in-display fingerprint scan. But this did not work as the models shown to the journalists. It is important to note that this feature does not have to be trimmed because of the news that it will trick the fingerprint sensor of Galaxy S10 Plus, one of Samsung’s flagship models.


The Snapdragon 730G processor is supported by this phone. It seems that performance would not be bad. It has 8GB RAM and 128GB storage capacity. But it may be a problem for some people to accept microSD cards. The phone has dual SIM slots.

Price in India is not announced. The price is 649 euros. 50,500. But if it would be below Rs 40,000 then it can prive to be a big challenge for companies such as OnePlus.

Galaxy A70

It’s an awesome model of the 80s. However, you can recognize its beauty in the design. The plastic pin is part of the glass, but it looks like glass. Its advantage is the lack of weight. It has an attractive display size of 6.7 inches with full HDD plus. It has an infinity display with “U” shaped look. Overall it’s attractive.

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