NASA Camera Melts in a Brush fire at the Space X Rocket Launch

On May 22, when Space X Launched a Falcon 9 Rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Right at that time a Photographer of NASA, Bill Ingalls tried to take some Photographs of that Spectacular Launch with his high definition Camera, but Unfortunately, His Camera burned into a Melted Tar.

Bill Ingalls, Posted a Picture of his Melted Camera on Facebook with a caption, “This was the result of a small brush fire, which is not unheard of from launches, and was extinguished by fireman, albeit after my cam was baked”.

Even though the Canon Camera got burned into Tar, it still managed to Capture a Stunning Still Picture of the Falcon9 Rocket’s TakeOff from the LaunchPad.

Many People distorted the Melting of the Camera and couldn’t stop themselves commenting that Bill would have placed the Camera too close to the Rocket and that’s the reason why it got burned so weird. But that’s not what has been told by Bill in a report to NASA. He said, “I had six remotes, two outside the launch pad safety perimeter and four inside,” Ingalls said in a NASA statement with the new clip. “Unfortunately, the launch started a grass fire that toasted one of the cameras outside the perimeter.”

NASA Camera Melts in a Brush fire at the Spacex Rocket Launch

In a Statement Published by the  NASA officials they said, “When Ingalls returned to the site, firefighters were waiting to greet him. Recognizing the camera was destroyed, Ingalls forced open the body to see if its memory card could be salvaged. It could, which is how we can see the fire approaching the camera.”

NASA officials also said in the defined statement that It was for the first time that a Camera got burned in an expedition in 30 years (Bill Ingalls have been working for NASA from the Past 30 years). So, this how the whole analysis of the Camera Melting down has been gathered from different sources & Put down into their Article.


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