Thailand Maya Bay to remain closed till 2021

Thailand : Meeshapulimala is a well known place in kerala. It’s a peak most point of the mountain sahian, this place became famous after the dialogue of hero dulqar in the movie Charly. It’s often not just the case in Kerala, it is common for people to find and explore any place and food in a hit movie and try to enjoy it.

It was about the beach of Maya Bay on the island of Fife, Thailand. In the year 2000, Mia Bay was unaware for foreigners till before Leonardo de Caprio-Danny Boyle film titled The Beach released. Till that time beach beauty was the enjoyment of the local people only. But the film ‘The Beach’ is about the horoscope of Maya Bay. Maya Bay, which has gained a reputation for becoming well-known, became one of the busiest beaches in the world.

Thailand Maya Bay to remain closed till 2021

In the beginning, everything was a dream. Here’s a new way of survival for the local population, which has become a potential tourist destination. But soon the things turned upside down. The beach did not have the beach to lend to such a huge surplus. The beauty of the nature was lost. The hills of plastic waste began to form. The crabs, turtles and birds found on the shore disappeared.

Closing the Beach

It was 5,000 people and 200 boats a day. It was more than the capability of the beach. Finally Thai government made a decision to close the beach. The decision ws taken by the Thai authorities. The announcement ws made to ensure that the protection of the area. The beach was closed from June 1, 2018.

Officials said the beach would open only in 2021. Though some objections wre raised locally but authority stayed strong. The breakthrough is need for the long-term maintenance of the beach. The final decision on opening the beaches will be after assessing the ecological balance of the region in 2021.

The authority ws initially planned to close the beach from June 2018 to September 2018. For years, environmental activists were behind this decision. But for over 2 billion euros this year, this beach was main part of tourism industry. So shutting down was not easy. However, the ban ws lifted until June 2019. Now it extended to June 2021.

The return of the living creatures

All the unexploded members who have gone out of the tourism sphere have now returned. One month after the closure, birds and blacktip reef sharks wre found in the area. Soon many creatures, including turtles, began to appear in the area. Now at least 50 black tip sharks swim into the shore.

Another remarkable achievement is the expansion of coral reefs. Diving and pollution affected coral reefs. It is from this point that we come back to the coral reefs after one year after the beach is closed. But this comeback is counting that even a small percentage of the fodder b destroyed. On the coast of Thailand, the level of destruction of coral reefs has risen to 77% from 30% in the past 10 years.

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